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Here you’ll find important coding and reimbursement information. For your convenience, these resources are easily accessible and available by disease state.


We work continuously with public and private healthcare companies, CMS, industry advocates, and others to address appropriate reimbursement for our products. If you have additional coding, coverage, or payment questions, please contact us at  1 (888) 865-3373.

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Penile Implant Benefit Investigation Program

AMS offers the Reimbursement and Access Program to assist patient access for the penile prosthesis procedure. After receiving a completed Service Request Enrollment Form from the physician's office, the Reimbursement and Access Program will conduct a benefit inquiry for the patient’s insurance.


The office will then receive a summary of the patient’s benefits, including coverage eligibility, as well as the current co-pay and deductible requirements. Complete the form now, or read the Reimbursement and Access Program brochure for more information.




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Disclaimer: While AMS has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information set forth herein, AMS does not guarantee reibursement coverage or amounts for any product or procedure nor does AMS recommend any particular product or procedure for any individual patient. The information described herein is provided solely as a guide for AMS products and is based on publicly available inforamtion from CMS.  It is the responsibility of the provider to report codes that accurately describe the products, procedures, and individual patient's medical condition(s). Providers should contact the appropriate payers directly if they have quesitons or need specific information.

American Medical Systems male urology portfolio is now part of Boston Scientific Corporation. Click here for more information.