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"I have pain when I stand a lot and it feels like something is going to fall out of my vagina."*

Sometimes, does it feel like you have a mass bulging out of your vagina? Is walking or standing difficult? Is sexual intercourse painful? Do you have difficulty emptying your bladder or bowel?

You may be experiencing pelvic organ prolapse. Prolapse occurs when pelvic structures, like the bladder or rectum, bulge or protrude into the vaginal wall. Bladder prolapse is sometimes referred to as cystocele. Rectal prolapse is referred to as rectocele. Sometimes, pelvic organ prolapse is described as a hernia into the vaginal wall.

While the signs and symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse can be disturbing, it is important to know that you are not alone. As many as 14 million women in the USA suffer from prolapse.

Read on to learn about the possible causes and treatment options available to help restore your pelvic health.

*These comments are based on the types of experiences relayed in monitored chat rooms where patients have shared their experiences. They are not reflective of individual patients, and may not be typical for all users.