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The Straight-InTM System is a secure approach to vaginal vault prolapse repair, providing sacral fixation with confidence.

The Straight-In system attaches the vaginal apex to the sacrum in order to restore a more normal anatomical positioning. This procedure is typically done either laparoscopically or abdominally.

Straight-In uses a pre-formed Y-graft made of specially designed InteProTM mesh. The pre-formed graft saves you time and provides your patient with flexible support.

Features & Benefits

The Inserter

The Straight-In Powered Inserter is a single-use, battery-powered device so there's nothing to prep or autoclave. A long, slim shaft measuring 28 cm provides direct access to the sacrum and passage for either open or laparoscopic approaches. Motorized screw insertion deploys two titanium screws with uniform torque and speed in about 5-10 seconds, resulting in consistent depth and fixation.

The Screws
Titanium bone screws with either polypropylene or braided sutures enable secure fixation. These small, in-bone anchors provide strong fixation and contribute to lasting support.

InteProTM Large Pore Polypropylene Mesh
The specially designed IntePro Y-graft creates a tension-free sling between the sacrum and the vaginal apex. The pre-formed Y-graft is made of large pore polypropylene that handles easily intraoperatively and is designed to conform to the patient's anatomy. Large pores are designed to encourage fibrous connective tissue in-growth while the knit design allows for customization of length to meet individual patient needs. The mesh provides high tensile strength and resistance to suture pull through.

With IntePro, there is no additional preparation of the graft prior to being sutured to the vaginal apex and to the sacrum. Its two-sided design attaches to the anterior and posterior sides of the vaginal apex. The resulting bridge between the vaginal apex and sacrum create a "hammock" of support.

The Straight-In System offers many benefits for you and your patients:

  • Reduces the potential to disrupt the presacral veins while providing secure fixation and more desirable anatomical positioning of the vagina apex
  • Enables precise screw placement under direct or laparoscopic visualization
  • Provides strong graft fixation with IntePro polypropylene mesh
  • Creates "hammock"-like support that is flexible and moves with the patient