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Perigee™ Transobturator Anterior Prolapse Repair System

Indications for Use

The Perigee™ System is indicated for the placement of a graft material in the anterior vaginal wall via the obturator foramen for the treatment of anterior vaginal prolapse.

Product Features

Pre-Configured IntePro™ Lite Graft

  • Low density (25.45 g/m2) type 1 polypropylene center graft mesh resulting in less material implanted while maintaining macroporosity for tissue ingrowth.1
  • Perigee's graft configuration offers four-point fixation through the arcus tendenius, designed to provide Level II support.
  • The IntePro Lite graft can be trimmed to meet the requirements of unique patient anatomy.

Patented Helical Needles

  • Patented helical needles are designed to facilitate mesh positioning near the ischial spine using a lateral insertion approach with minimal lateral dissection.
  • Fixation through the arcus tendenius eliminates the need for deep lateral suturing.

Adjustment Arms of Time-Tested Mesh

  • Adjustment arms utilize the same mesh used in SPARC™ and Monarc™ for over a decade.
  • Color-coded, narrow needle tip connectors are designed to minimize tissue trauma and provide simple and secure mesh attachment to the needle tip.
  • Removable plastic sheaths allow for smooth passage through tissue while protecting the mesh arms.
  • The Deep Connection Tool is designed to provide additional reach when connecting mesh arms.


  1. References available upon request

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