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AMS is your partner in providing innovative, life changing solutions for patients. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive line of products indicated for prolapse in the world today. Each AMS prolapse system is engineered to provide a satisfying solution to restore pelvic health.

Elevate® Prolapse Repair System

Elevate® Prolapse Repair System is a minimally invasive, comprehensive solution to treat apical, posterior and anterior defects. Elevate is a total transvaginal approach with no external incisions.

600343-15B (07/09)

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Straight-In Sacral Colpopexy System
The Straight-In™ system attaches the vaginal apex to the sacrum to restore more normal anatomical positioning.
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Perigee™ is a comprehensive system utilizing a transobturator approach to provide an innovative and time-saving procedure for surgical repair of all types of anterior defects—central, lateral, proximal and distal.
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Apogee™ is a simplified, tension-free system that allows surgeons to address vaginal vault repair.
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