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Patient Selection

No one penile prosthesis is right for all patients experiencing ED. The AMS 700™ is ideal for a man with good mental and physical dexterity who wants a natural looking erection and a more natural flaccid state than a one- or two-piece implant can provide. The AMS 700 Series products may be well suited for patients who:

  • Have adequate manual strength and dexterity to operate a mechanical device
  • May require routine endoscopic procedures
  • Are not intimidated by multi-component devices
  • Have Peyronie's disease or previous priapism (the AMS 700 CX and AMS 700 CXR can overcome these tissue problems; the AMS 700 Ultrex should not be used for these conditions)

As with all prosthetic devices, there are limitations that affect when and how the AMS 700 Series penile prostheses should be used. Limitations include:

  • A required level of manual and mental dexterity for operation
  • Potentially longer operating room implantation time, necessitated by 3-piece design
  • The inability of patients with severe abdominal scarring, such as scarring from pelvic fracture, to use any of the AMS 700 Series prostheses, because the reservoir must be implanted in the patient's abdomen.
  • The possibility of not being able to dilate the corporal bodies enough to accommodate the device in patients with extensive corporal scarring. Note: The physician may execute a backup plan of using an AMS 700 CXR or AMS 600M non-inflatable prosthesis if that happens.
  • All prosthetics are man-made and have inherent risks of malfunction. Some patients may not be interested in any prosthesis for that reason.

Patient Profile

Anthony is a 53 year-old man with atherosclerosis. The disease was discovered after Anthony had consulted his physician about an increasing problem of ED. After the diagnosis and an unsatisfactory trial of Viagra, Anthony tried vacuum and injection therapy as his second line of treatment. However, none of those treatments were successful in alleviating his condition.

Anthony's physician suggested that he consider a penile prosthesis to treat his ED, since atherosclerosis requires long-term medical therapy, and the physician felt Anthony will most likely never recover the ability to achieve a natural erection. Anthony has no abdominal scarring or compromised penile tissues, and his physical and mental condition made him a good candidate for surgery.

It was important to Anthony that he have a natural looking penile prosthesis. After reviewing all of the options, Anthony and his physician decided that the AMS 700 CX, which provides a fully rigid and fully flaccid penis, was the logical choice. Anthony is pleased with the results. It has brought physical intimacy back into his marriage and renewed his self-confidence.

This scenario is based upon a composite of typical patient and physician experiences, and is not reflective of any one individual's medical situation. Individual situations and results may vary.